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Chapter 3: Crazy, Happy, Vacation

Posted on April 22, 2015 at 8:15 PM

Helllllllllllllllo! Well, this is just the next blog that I am doing about the Connecticut trip since the other night I had it completely finished and well it flopped when I accidently closed my web browser and it kinda just deleted all the work I had done. So that kinda sucked but, lets see what I remember and get this blog written, finally after 2 weeks when it should've been done a long time ago!

Leading up to the trip I ended up having a bad mindset and my mind was basically running in circles, and I felt horrible about it. Usually I don't have the problem that I used to have so much in the past and that's overthinking and stuff like that, but this time around it kept telling me that I had something to prove. My heart even told me I had something to prove while on this trip as well. But that's more or less personal related stuff and I might just do a blog on that later, who knows.

Basically I got picked up from work and we went from there, although I have to admit changing my clothes in the public bathroom kind of was weird and I didn't enjoy that in the slightest. I felt so flipping awkward it wasn't even funny. Especially when people would come up to the door and try to open it and it's like they didn't seen clothes hanging or anything. Just overall one of the most weird experiences ever. 10 out of 10 would not do it again.

So the trip more or less started out when everyone got what they needed out of Sheetz, and Alyssa totally wanted a Sauage Gravy Biscuit and in which case she got it! Well..I got it for her, but that's besides the point! Nonetheless she got what she needed and I can't remember if I got anything but I don't believe I did, Mom and Ed got what they wanted and that would've been coffee and out to the car we went and off we went. I have to admit car rides that long are never fun but it happens when you go on vacation and trips. Needless to say I was bone tired like, literally to the point where I was falling asleep every 5 seconds and Alyssa silly enough wouldn't let me sleep.

She kept either poking me or pushing me slightly or tickling me to keep me awake but it was worth it cause she kept getting random laughter and random smiles out of me. Plus there were a few times where she ended up hitting a reallllly ticklish spot and I kinda just woke up from it for awhile but then would drift back to sleep and be woke up again inevitably. Needless to say it doesn't bug me when she does that, I actually hate falling asleep during the day thanks to work but that's another story.

So we made a few stops and whatnot and mom would point out where we were at every given time, and say "This is where we are, this is how far we are" etc. It was quite funny and it almost felt like a history lesson haha. Either way we didn't really have to get things out off vending machines or anything considering well we had things in the back with us, snacky stuff, drinks, etc. So we would just take bathroom breaks and then back in the car we went and then we would say on the road again!

It was a pretty long ride it felt alot longer than what it actually was, but I was completely fine with that, it felt really good to have Alyssa there with me cause usually when I go up, since I can't seem to remember who's a cousin who's this who's that, I tend to have felt really alone in the past, unless if I just hung out with the kids. But even then its just not the same as it used to be because so many of the cousins have grown up and the events aren't nearly as big as they used to be.

Usually I would end up feeling alone as I already said, but with Alyssa there I knew I was never alone and that I was never going to end up being bored. So needless to say I was enjoying myself on the ride up and it wasn't like complete silence, we had Alyssa & I in the backseat giggling like kids in highschool and then we had the two upfront periodically arguing like an old married couple. It was quite amusing to say the least.

Alyssa took a decent amount of pictures on the way up as well, she got a couple great shots of the snow covered areas in PA and even got a random car wreck as well in one of them which was interesting to say the least. She also got a picture of the PA sign as well as the Connecticut sign but missed the New York sign haha. However, I inevitably ended up falling asleep  but that's only because Alyssa had agreed that she would let me sleep for a little bit. I can't remember how long I was even asleep though but it was long enough to be completely honest cause I woke up at one point and we had like I believe an hour or two left in the trip.

So I successfully stayed up for the last one to two hours the only problem was that I still felt so flipping tired lol. Then again I guess that's what happens when you're up early the previous day, work all night and then up all morning/afternoon and only get an hour or maybe two of sleep I think it was, I don't know. Nonetheless we ended up arriving at my Aunt Rita's house and it was fantastic. I was thrilled to see how excited they were to see us and but what I was even more thrilled to see how they would get along with Alyssa.

Seeing as how my mother gets along with Alyssa so well I figured it would be no different with people in her family considering they're all very very crazy as it is. So I ended up introducing Alyssa to Rita & Fred and it was so different, I don't know like I felt nervous almost, not sure why. Maybe I was afraid that the acceptance wasn't going to be there, but the thing is they already knew about her quite a bit because of facebook and all of that inbetween. Needless to say it was pretty amazing to see how well they all got along while we were there.

Fred being Fred would constantly crack jokes and mess with Alyssa and I and it was pretty priceless the first day we were there. Honestly we just used that entire day as a lazy day and it was pretty crazy. We all shared laughs and good times together and just enjoyed eachothers company and I can honestly say it felt really good. We ended up eating dinner with just Alyssa, Mom, Ed and I cause Fred was having some serious pain or something of the sort, or maybe that was the second day, no that was the first day. Bah, I don't remember. But either way, we ended up eating dinner amongst the four of us because Fred had to go to the hospital.

It was definitely sad but, by the time they got back I believe Alyssa and I were already prepping to go to sleep considering it had been a long ride and a long day most of all. So then mom ended up calling us about Walgreen's and what time they were open till and we looked it up on one of our phones, told them and off they went. Then afterwards I ended up giving Alyssa the foot and back massage treatment and we ended up falling asleep untill........the next day!

Basically the next day we had another semi lazy day but Rita & Mom started doing work on the house and fixing things. I even got to climb into the attic! Which was quite the experience although the whole cobweb thing didn't sell too well with me but was to be expected. So I was up there pulling things out of the attic and handing them down to everyone and it was definitely different. I eventually came down out of the attic and waltzed my way down to the living room and cuddled up on the couch with Alyssa and we watched some Law & Order and also we played some Trivia Crack..which is addicting by the way...oi I can't even explain.

So then it was asked what everyone wanted for dinner and we were like ummmm we don't know, and Alyssa was like maybe we could go out! So I asked if we could and we all ended up going out to Applebee's which was a massive amount of fun. We took like a whole boatload of selfies with everyone included and it was just a blast. We do not speak of the bill though, the bill is to never be spoken of. Either way we had some really good pictures so if you haven't seen them check el facebookio! That's my spanish, do you like it? Good haha.

The following day was filled with all kinds of laziness to be honest. We were going to end up going to the mall before we went out to eat with everyone but unfortunately that plan fell short and we didn't end up going because we knew we would probably be late getting back to go out and eat. So the Crystal Mall was a no go and we was sad panda's and slightly disappointed. HOWEVER, we made up for it at dinner. I got to introduce Alyssa to Lillian, Roland, Herbie, Sister, and then there was Mom, Me, Alyssa, Ed, Fred, and Rita, haha Ed Fred..sorry I couldn't resist.

Lillian and Alyssa kept joking around with eachother and it was pretty priceless and Sister was like, you know the rule right? I was like wait what rule? She told me, no phones at the dinner table, didn't your mother teach you about that! I was like oh..well..i'm posting something on Instagram lol. We both kinda chuckled and then i showed her my phone to prove it! Then she asked if Alyssa knew and I said no..I failed to mention that part lol! So we both ended up putting our phones away for the time being and we all got food and such.

Dinner was pretty fantastic but I think the best thing was seeing how everyone got along with Alyssa and enjoyed having her there with us. It was really great to see and I am very thankful everyone was enjoying having her there as well as socializing with her as much as they were it was pretty amazing. So a big big big thank you to everyone that was there that night! Although i still feel bad for being so nervous about introductions and whatnot.

Again, we don't speak about the bill, the bill is never spoken of haha. So the following day, was saturday and on this day we made our first apperance for both Alyssa & I in a mall in Connecticut. We were on the hunt for all the things. I was looking for a surprise but unfortunately couldn't find anything that would be that amazing, however we did find our way to many many many different stores. So many things, so much stuff, not enough time, not enough moneh! Good grief was it worth the walk around though, definitely. I officially knew my wardrobe was going to start changing the minute we ended up getting me a shirt at Macy's I believe it was.

So needless to say the trip to the mall was completely worth it, we ended up having stuff from Hot Topic, Macy's, The Disney Store, Pretzle things from the imposter Pretzle place, Auntie Anne's is better, two bags of candy, and I feel like i'm forgetting something..oh ear piercings for Alyssa and all sorts of stuff..if I forgot anything..ughhh mind blown don't remember.

So we return back to the house and for the most part its becomes a lazy day for awhile and we take allllllll of our stuff that we got upstairs except the candy of course, we completely chowed down on that! Then it came down to what was for dinner all over again, at this point I was doesn't matter to me, didn't matter to Alyssa and didn't really matter to anyone so we all just decided on Pizza. However, Alyssa & I had already planned to go up to Roland and Lillian's to meet up with Marisa and see them and everything and I got to introduce Alyssa to even more people on saturday! It was crazy.

But, Marisa came up and Alyssa got to meet her and such and it was overall a really good time to be completely honest. So in the midst of all of that we made a ton of funny video's well I should say Alyssa did and we just couldn't stop watching them and laughing. It was definitely a great time. However, the one thing I failed to mention was before all of that we had already left before the Pizza got to the house, so randomly I get called by mom. She proceeds to tell me to get our butts back down to RIta's so we could eat Pizza and then afterwards we could go back up. So we brought Marisa along with us and we all ate Pizza together and then I got tortured by being pinched and tickeled and such.

So we were there until well..I don't really remember how late we were there, but if I am not mistaken it was getting late but I could be wrong. So either way we ended up back at the house, and we got ready for bed and were in for a long eventful day the following cause it was EASTER! Wahoo! But, either way we ended up taking care of a few more things and then went to sleep! I can't remember what days Alyssa cooked but I have to say she makes amazing breakfast! Eggs, French Toast with Cinnamon, oh my was fantastic! Either way, moving on before I make myself hungry again.

Easter had arrived and I knew it was going to be crazy and that there was going to be alot of people. So I wasn't initially sure how Alyssa was going to react or how they would react, honestly I got so many people mixed up and so many names wrong it really made me feel horrible and really really bad. My mom even helped me out with introducing Alyssa cause I forgot so many names and what they were to me and just everything. To be honest I felt embarassed because of myself. But overall everyone was very accepting yet again of Alyssa and she enjoyed herself which mattered the most to me.

We spent most of the day going from the living room to the kitchen to the living room to the porch to the living room to the kitchen and of course the bathroom but still you know how it goes. Never staying in one spot for to long. Needless to say we went on a 7 minute adventure with Marisa at one point and we went and got Joey her boyfriend which was definitely different. So we all went back to Roland & Lillian's and we sat down in the kitchen and we all started talking and whatnot, well, I was kinda quite, okay not kinda, I was. Alyssa was telling Marisa and Joey both plus everyone else that was there at the table about her parents and all sorts of things it was really nice to just be able to sit back and listen and just enjoy everyone's company.

Until I magically disappeared to the bathroom and everyone started wondering where I went lol. Nonetheless we ended up going in the living room and everyone started to slowly disperse and leave and head home, and soon enough Marisa, Joey, Alyssa and myself ended up going to Marisa's new place and well we just talked and she showed us around and whatnot. It was a nice Condo that's for sure, I will say that. I myself had a few drinks while I was there and got kinda tipsy but that's just me, tipsy Zeb is still a good Zeb, considering I start joking more and laughing harder and relax a bit and whatnot. I don't know, its weird, I don't act all nuts and crazy and whatnot like some people do.

I guess i'm just a bit more controlled when it comes to drinking. But nonetheless we had a good night, and at one point I was curled up with Alyssa on the couch and I was of course tired and had my head on her and was just holding her and she was holding me and it was picture perfect! So the night ended with us heading back to Rita's and it also ended with me giving Alyssa yet another Back and Foot massage, and the funny thing is she never asks for it, I just tend to do it.

I feel like it helps work out kinks in the back and also her feet, oi, her feet pop alot, and her back pops ALOT more when she stands up afterwards and stretches, its kind off scary sometimes though cause it sounds like firecrackers going off in her back lol. However, after all of that we decided it was a longgggggggg day and that we needed sleep, so I fell asleep rubbing her shoulder more or less and I believe she fell asleep shortly after me, I could be wrong. Either way we had to get up early the next morning because the Appraiser was coming to look at the house but little did we know it wasn't even going to be very long lol so we got up early and stayed up for nothing.

However, we were tired and I honestly believe I was falling asleep throughout the day because I was tired and since we were up late the previous night we both were pretty zonked due to how early we got up. But the day was so long honestly it's crazy, and ontop of that Alyssa ended up going to Bingo with my Aunt Lillian and Mom and Lillian's friend. It was also kinda funny because in the midst of it, Alyssa texted me a picture and it was a guy who was dressed and looked EXACTLY like Mario. It was kinda funny haha!

But either way the day was so dragged out and long, I almost fell asleep while I was waiting on them to get back, it was hard to keep my eyes open and I had to step outside a few times to get woken up fully. Crazy huh? Then again I guess its not so crazy when you're not used to getting up at 8:30 - 9AM lol. But we did it nonetheless. So anyways, they got back from bingo and she unfortunately didn't win anything cause I apparently jinxed her! But needless to say we all were pretty tired, and it wasn't too long before it was bed time, but Marisa was wondering what we were doing before all of that, and Alyssa had told her she was going to Bingo and that I was going to be at the house.

But needless to say we ended up going to bed, and getting up the next day and it was just another lazy day, Mom & Rita were focused on getting the house packed up well some of the stuff at least before we got ready to leave inevitably the next day. Alyssa and I had made breakfast well, I should say and I, all I did was help get bread out and that was about it because inevitably if I helped it would've gotten burned for sure! However, Alyssa made french toast that morning and good lord it was amazing as well as I believe cheesy eggs, but I could be wrong, maybe that was the previous, I don't remember, either way! She made breakfast and the french toast was fantastic!

I swear Alyssa underestimates her cooking abilities big time. But she insists on saying she isn't that great at it, but I know differently! Either way it was a long lazy day up until around 5 or 6pm, Marisa asked what we were doing and we said that we might be going to Torrington to see my brother Joe and his wife Melanie, as well as their son Owen. Marisa then asked if we wanted to do anything and so we decided to go hang out with Marisa at her Condo for awhile since it was the last full day we were going to have in Connecticut. So we went over there, and watched Sleeping Beauty, another Disney movie that I hadn't ever watched. Honestly I feel so deprived of my childhood cause I haven't seen so many Disney movies.

However before the movie and whatnot we went to walmart where I got to spoil Alyssa even more, I more or less told her to go and get whatever she wanted and well, that kinda happened she did what she wanted and got what she wanted and you know what I didn't even care, why? Because I told her go for it. Needless to say Marisa was like Zeb, you gotta stop! I was like nah, no big deal, doesn't bother me, I haven't been able to do something like this ever, and ontop off that Alyssa isn't used to it and I love seeing the smile on her face and knowing that she really appreciates all the crazy spur of the moment type stuff we do.

Alyssa also knows that if she tells me no, that I will just grab the stuff anyways and put it into a cart or whatever and pay for it anyways lol. So either way no is not an answer! So we ended up getting drinks and snacky food for the trip back and also a few other things such as clothing and whatnot, and more stuff to change my wardrobe even more! LOL Needless to say it was money well spent and time well spent as well and just having fun and being crazy and silly like we always are.

So anyways back to being at the condo, I got to experience what its like for a cat that doesn't know how to use her claws yet all that well dig into my leg with them, and my gosh did it hurt! OWIE! All I can say is owie. However, it was a good night as I gave Alyssa her big surprise that she knew nothing about until we got to the Condo and that was when she received her necklace that she wears nowadays. I wanted to get something special and something that was an upgrade to what she was wearing previously and I wasn't sure if she was going to like it but it turns out that she loved it.

I'm really glad that she likes the things that I do get her, man, I am not used to this kind of thing at all and that seems and sounds so sad but its true. Needless to say it was a long night and we headed home in the morning and thus leads us to going home and gathering everything up and going to bed and such for we knew we had a long ride home tomorrow. So we ended up getting sleep and then the going home day arrived faster than we expected. Sad panda.

So we got up and we obviously brushed our teeth and whatnot and then had to start loading up the car, low and behold we forgot a pillow up there which was ridiculous and sad lol. But needless to say it was the last time we would be staying at Rita's house since she was in the process of selling it and the last time I would see Rita & Fred for awhile most likely. It makes me sad because we stayed there so many times over the years, but I am so glad to see how it all ended. Alyssa received a hug and kiss from Fred and a huge hug from Rita, and they both wished us nothing but all the happiness and joy!

Then we headed out and made our adventure home. It was really sad because I honestly was loving the vacation and I was wishing we could've been there longer, but Alyssa was missing home and I was kinda missing my bed but not so much. All I know is this trip was just fantastic, and sure I didn't include EVVVVVVVERYTHING or else it would've turned into the my longest blog ever to be completely honest. Just so much stuff happened and it would've taken me seriously forever to write.

However, I do want to write my own personal note and upload 3 pictures that were taken while we were up there and I hope you all enjoyed reading the blog for the most part!

I know I already did this face to face and through text and whatnot, but I am doing it here, Alyssa I really want to say thank you for even thinking of coming with me up there. I honestly didn't think you would even think of it, or ask about it or anything of the sort and when you did I really honestly was like whoa, she really wants to go, this is definitely something new, something different. Something I was definitely not prepared to hear honestly or expecting. But I felt like I had alot to prove to you but also to myself. You already know what I was trying to prove and you already gave me your thoughts on it, and to be honest I am really thankful you were there.

Like I said, usually I would get bored and feel ignored in some cases while I was up there just because it would be so quiet and I wasn't so social most of the time because I didn't know certain people or didn't remember them or they didn't remember me. However, you made me feel like I was never alone thee entire time and you've been doing that to me since the beginning of our relationship. It's been a crazy smile filled laughing good time, and I am excited to see where it all goes but one thing I know is with you by my side I am really truly happy and just enjoying life like I never have before. 

There's alot that I look forward to but I really do look forward to random road trips and vacations and whatever else you choose to go with me and do. I honestly still just want to get into a car and drive with really no destination and just say I don't care where we end up. The fact is you made me feel right at home by being there, and you made me realize that I am not alone anymore. You made me feel remembered and loved & warm inside too. So needless to say thank you for just surprising me out of the blue with wanting to go with me to Connecticut.

You gave me so many good memories to look back on and laugh about and you also gave me the best trip that I believe I have been on since the beginning. I love you and I hope that it meant as much to you as it meant to me and that you enjoyed experiencing Connecticut alongside of me! <3

Thanks for readdddddddddding everyone, my hands hurt really really bad, tis time to wrap it up and call it a night!

PS: Here's some pictures too! :)

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