My Life, My Adventures, My Story


This is me, and me is I.

Alyssa, Shadow, and Myself <3

Who am I?

I'm pretty much your average typical guy, but with a few extra special attributes. I love playing Video Games, but more importantly outside of gaming, I love spending time with family and friends.

I'm an awesome Advice giver from feedback in which I have received, but I am also a great writer from what I am told. So, basically I am a well rounded person and I hope to share each experience I have with you all one step at a time!

What do you do?

Right now currently I am working for a huge Restaurant/Gas Chain Company called Sheetz, and I am currently working as a Restocker.

What's a Restocker you ask? Well we get a delivery every other day and the guys who deliver our truck unload it into the store separating it by Ambient, Cooler, MTO Cooler, Freezer and Sales Floor product. From that point I begin the process of opening multiple boxes, restocking things, and all the while cutting my fingers because I am sometimes careless towards myself. Utility knives hurt....just saying.